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Pachypodium namaquanum


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Origin and Habitat: Richtersveld (Northern Cape and southern Namibia. along both sides of the lower Orange River Valley from the Tantalite Valley and Pella mountain range in the east to the Richtersveld, Huib-Hoch and Huns Mountains in the west. It has been recorded from more than 50 localities within an extent of occurrence of approximately 15,000 km². The Gariep Region or Orange River region is the area that has the greatest variety of succulents on earth. The subpopulations on the Namibian side of the Orange River are inaccessible and therefore generally secure. They are fairly large, with an average density of between 625 and 1,100 individuals per hectare. Similar densities, with a range of ages, are also found on Pella Mt. (This information was provided by llifle.com) 

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